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The Trigg’s family involvement in the food services began in 1939, and now includes Trigg’s Humble Inn which is the oldest café in the Humble area, and the larger than you can imagine Trigg’s Catering Company. A true centerpiece business, Trigg’s Catering Company served more than 390,000 meals in 2008 with 55 groups of 500 or more and 12 groups which exceeded 1,000. The business is set up to handle groups ranging from 50 to 10,000. Last year in our largest day we served 9,500. Big business to say the least. 

People are entertaining more and more.  From small functions like luncheons, board meetings, employee parties, birthday parties and graduation parties to large weddings, corporate picnics, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, golf tournaments, and anniversary parties. We have designed menus which can be adjusted to handle any of the above activities, and more.

Most people will need to hire a caterer at least twice in their lifetimes. When you choose Trigg’s Catering, you are selecting a catering company that has your best interests at heart. You are being served by the largest, most experienced and best equipped catering company in the area. At your disposal, you have a fleet of catering trucks, a wide base of employees, and a kitchen that is open seven days a week and virtually 24 hours a day. You can be served morning noon and night. There is no sleep until your event is a success.

Trigg Foods is based here in the Humble area and there is nothing more gratifying than to serve our neighbors. If you are planning an open house or any kind of business or personal get-together during the next several months, please give us a call.

Thanks for dropping by.

Harvey Trigg


…from casual to elaborate…